Featured projects



Panthera is a website development service focused on simplicity and speed. The whole process takes 3 days or less, from hiring to delivery.

The client has to spend just 30 minutes in a phone call so we can understand how to build the website and it's content. It's best suited to freelancers and small companies.



TRIPBY is a drug harm reduction project which focuses on providing information about psychoactive drugs.

The live version was developed several years ago on WordPress. Now we are working to launch a new version as a React + Apollo progressive web app which uses Graphcool as the backend.



Volleyball team in São Paulo, Brazil.

In the website, the user can check next matches, current competitions, team members and news articles.

The website is built on Gatsby and all content is managed through Contentful CMS. Everytime new articles are created or updated, a pipeline is triggered to compile the pages and redeploy the website.

This project was developed together with Quartzo Studio which provided UI/UX guidelines.

Softin Sistemas


Software company in Joinville, Brazil.

This is a marketing website to showcase the company's main products and services. It also allows potential customers to request a custom quote through an email form. The form is directly connected to a MailChimp mailing list.

In this project I had the pleasure to work with an artist which drew original illustrations and icons that compose the website. Built onGatsby.